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“The Best Mulch On Earth”

Sweet Peet® is the premium mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. Sweet Peet® buffers both acid and alkaline (low and High pH) soils by helping to maintain the desired gardening Sweet Spot.

During its formulation Sweet Peet® goes through a thermal stage where weeds and weed seeds are destroyed, preventing contamination in your garden.

When tilled in at the end of each season, Sweet Peet® enriches the soil, improves tilth, encourages beneficial earthworms and replenishes beneficial microbes that are often destroyed by harsh chemicals and acid rain.

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Sweet Peet Organic Mulch “the best mulch on earth!”

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Sweet Peet organic mulch “The Best Mulch on Earth”, for the best price in town! This product is the most unique of any mulch. It is dark and rich and it is made of composted pine shavings, stable beddings, and manure with natural tannins flowing through as it ages. Mulching your garden beds with this mulch is a must for the earthy soil it will help produce. It is excellent in perennial & annual beds.