Power Outages

If the power goes out, the largest concern becomes oxygen for the fish. One factor that is in our favor is that the water in your pond is relatively cool right now. Colder water holds oxygen very well. Note: most ponds fish populations will be fine with a power outage due to the cold water. You will want to watch your fish closely to see if they are gasping at the surface. This is an indication that the fish are stressed and struggling for oxygen. You will want to take immediate steps to add oxygen to your pond. A small air pump will provide the necessary oxygen to keep your fish alive. The problem is what to plug it in to. If you have a generator – great. A battery backup unit will also run a small air pump for several hours. Some customers use an AC/DC adapter and run it off of their car. All of these are great solutions. In case of severe emergency and lack of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide can be added to the pond to add additional oxygen molecules. One pint per thousand gallons will keep fish alive for several hours. Be careful not to overdose. In the case of HP, more is no better.

Leaves/Fallen Trees/Branches

Many people have their ponds netted by now, as leaves accumulate make sure to remove as many as possible as they will be wet and very heavy and will pull the nets into the ponds and streams. With strong winds, pond owners can expect falling branches or even uprooted trees around their pond. In some cases the branches can puncture your pond’s liner. When and if this happens, wait to remove the branch. In some cases the branch will keep the liner plugged and from losing water. It also gives you the exact location as to where the hole is located. These holes are easy to patch and repair.

Technical Support

We are available via email  Brad@CooperPonds.com  for anyone that needs technical assistance or advice due storm damage, power outages, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with your pond, fish or a catastrophic situation.