water-gardensIf you are interested in a pond or water feature, you may want to attend one of our FREE SEMINARS. The seminars are educational, and you will get a lively exchange of information while meeting other attendees. Any questions you may have will be gladly answered.

Ponds or Water Gardens as they are also called are very easy to maintain. The maintenance is less than a lawn, and no mowing. Cooper’s has everything you need. Whether you want a pond professionally installed or you want to do it yourself, big or small, we have it all! Call or stop by for more information on “how to” install it yourself or get a connection for a professional installation.

DIY Pond Kits

Our Pond Kits are all-inclusive meaning you get everything you need to build a pond.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Liner & Underlayment
  • Skimmer (pump vault)
  • Filter / Falls (biological)
  • Pump large enough to turn the water impressively
  • Pump Plumbing Assembly
  • Pipe, either vinyl, kink-free or flexible PVC
  • Hardware and assembly items
  • Complete Installation Instructions & Owners Manual

We are a distributor of EasyPro & Aquascape pond products.

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