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Please read carefully before using this website.  If you (your agent, assign, person designated in charge of project, person receiving/directing delivery of material, herein referred to as “Customer”) do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.


You agree that the products and services are provided on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis.  We are not liable to you if we are unable to supply a particular item.  If an item you would like is out-of-stock or if we are unable to supply a particular item we will contact you within a reasonable time frame of receiving your order to communicate the status of your order.

Delivery Policy

Cooper Mulch & More (Supplier), uses our best effort to honor customer dumping instructions, but if area is deemed by the driver to be not accessible, instructions are not clear or area is unmarked, dumping  area will be determined at our driver’s discretion. Supplier makes use of a variety of trucks to provide the services required for delivery of our products.  The size of trucks and equipment required to make such deliveries can cause damage to customer’s property if not prepared properly.  For this reason, Supplier will only deliver material to the driveway area of Customer’s property. Customer assumes all risk and liability that may result from damage to any or all walks, driveways, buildings, foundations, pavers, patios, utilities (above and below ground), trees, lawn, landscaping, irrigation systems, neighboring property(ie), or any other damage(s) that may result from delivery. Notwithstanding, Supplier’s driver, agent, or assign may refuse any direction that Customer gives if the driver feels it is unsafe or may cause undue damage or harm to himself or others.

Customer is required to obtain all permits, licenses, clearances, or other permission that may be required to receive products from Supplier.  By placing order with Supplier, and allowing Supplier to deliver material to their property, Customer is providing Supplier full assurance that they have obtained proper permits for materials to be delivered to their location.

Customer agrees to hold Supplier and its employees, agents, affiliates, suppliers, or assigns, harmless from any and all liability resulting from the delivery of products according to Customer’s direction.


No deliveries are made on Sunday.  Supplier is not able to guarantee a specific time or date, but will make every effort to deliver material on the day requested by the Customer.  Supplier will contact Customer to confirm order and to solidify schedule for delivery.

There are times when traffic conditions or weather may require delivery schedule to be amended.  We make extraordinary effort to prevent having to reschedule deliveries, and will communicate with Customer about any scheduling issues that may arise.  Supplier is not liable for any costs or damages that may result from delay of delivery.

Product Description

Supplier attempts to be as accurate as possible when describing the products and presenting photographs of the products.  Customer understands that descriptions, colors, images, or other content of this site may contain errors, or be incomplete.  This is not an attempt to be misleading, we just recognize that we are human and a mistake can occur.  Customer should contact Supplier to request clarification of product details before placing an order.

Return Policy

Supplier will allow returns and refunds for unopened pre-packaged products only.   There is a 35% restocking fee for all returned items.  There are no returns allowed for bulk materials, un-banded (opened) pallets, or special order products (including one, sod.)  Supplier will not pick up materials that are to be returned.

Ownership, License & Restrictions on Use

The content of this Site is the intellectual property of Supplier.  Your use of the Site does not grant you any rights, either intentionally or by implication, to the names, images, pictures, logos and icons identifying Supplier’s products and services contained on the Site.  Any copying, republication, or redistribution of this Site’s content, including by caching, framing or any similar means, without the prior written consent of Supplier is prohibited.  Supplier shall not be liable for any errors in content, or for any action taken in reliance thereon.


When you place orders online through our website and our third-party credit card processor, all of your order information, including your credit card number and address information, is transmitted through the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.  SSL communication causes this information to be encrypted.  This is designed to prevent someone other than the intended recipient from capturing and viewing your personal information.  SSL is the current standard industry means to protect our website and your information, however the Internet is not 100% secure.  The measures we use are appropriate for the type of information we collect.  We cannot promise that your use of our website will be completely safe.  You should always use caution when using the internet.


After order is place for Coopers Leaf Vacuum Service please note that 24 hours notice is required for full refund. Any order canceled in less than 24 hours a $50. fee will be charged.


Effective Date: 6/01/2016        Last Revision   6/10/2016

From time to time we may change our Terms and Conditions.  Notification is provided by posting to this website.