How do I know how much mulch to order?

Easy! Roughly measure the Length in feet x width in feet of your garden or beds, divide by 100 and the result is the amount of yards you will need with the recommended 3 inches of depth.

Does Coopers spread my mulch, topsoil or compost, stone or gravel?

No, We will dump in an area designated by you on or just next to your driveway.

Can the truck drive on my lawn?

No, we will not drive off the driveway.

How far in advance can I schedule my delivery?

We recommend (especially during the busy spring season) scheduling your delivery at least 4 days in advance.

Does Coopers sell bagged mulch and stone?

Yes, we sell large 3cu. Ft. mulch bagged product 9 bags = 1 yard and 1 cu ft stone bags. They are for pick up at our location only. No delivery for these items.

Can I get two different products delivered on one truck?

It is not recommended. As the two will mix together on the truck during transport.

How often do I need to replenish my mulch?

We recommend topping off the area every spring. The older mulch will be packed down after the winter and needs to be loosened and turned over before new mulch is applied.