Nature School Program – Ponds for Kids

Today very few undisturbed ecosystems exist in the world. Unfortunately the ones that are the least affected are the farthest away from us. In an effort to allow schools to show children how a functioning aquatic ecosystem works, Cooper’s is enabling schools to construct their own pond ecosystems. By installing a pond system that becomes self-sustaining in a controlled environment, students can observe the ebb and flow of nature happening before their own eyes. Besides conducting experiments on water quality they can also observe the animals that colonize the area on their own.

Water is the source of all life. A shallow two-foot deep pond, installed properly will allow nature to flourish inside it year round. As the ecosytem evolves so will the educational opportunities. Art students can have their own Monet Garden to paint. Horticulture students can have a working classroom to observe their plants growth from season to season and year to year. The Ponds for Kids program has many benefits for the students, the school and the community!

The Ponds for Kids Program Description

The Ponds for Kids program is designed to give children and young adults a working appreciation for nature and ecology. Additionally, other areas like art, creative writing and poetry can also be incorporated by respective teachers. The opportunities are many and the ideas are limitless on how a school can incorporate the Ponds for Kids program into their curriculum.

How does the Ponds for Kids Work?

Interested teachers should contact Cooper’s at 1-203-790-6700

What does the school need to do?

It is the schools, teachers, and or students responsibility to raise the funs to cover the cost of materials used. The expenses invested in constructing a standard 11′ x 16′ functioning pond ecosystem usually run around $1,500 to $2,000 dollars. Not only does this cover all of the pumps, plumbing and filters, liners and other gear, but also the rocks, gravel, mulch, and topsoil as well. Whether through grants or fundraisers there are many option available to help an interested school pay for the material expenses. We then decide on a day and you provide the interested students!